Offset CO2 emissions & promote Biodiversity

Offset right now via our Forest Shop!

Do you want to offset greenhouse gas emissions for a trip, event, project or something else and promote biodiversity at the same time?

With our holistic approach, we guarantee particularly impactful projects through the reforestation and conservation of tropical moist forest in Ecuador. Each offset includes contributions to scientific and social projects at the same time. Our reforestation and forest conservation areas are transparently identified on maps. You can find out more about our approach at Reforest & Protect.

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    1. Calculate the area for your CO2 offset

    Enter the amount of CO2 you want to offset in the online calculator below and choose one of the three options:

    A)   REFORESTATION  –  planting of native tree species on former pasture land
    B)   FOREST CONSERVATION  –  protection of existing, young forest
    C)   MIX  –  a combination of reforestation & forest conservation

    Area calculator CO2 offset

    (COstorage over a period of 20 years)

      • Reforestation &
        Forest Conservation

        + land purchase
        + social projects
        + scientific projects
        + surveillance of nature reserve
      • Area

      • m2 MIX
        (reforestation +
        forest conservation)
      • Price

      • MIX
        (reforestation +
        forest conservation)

    2. Offset directly in our Forest Shop

    Transfer the desired area (number of m2 – integral numbers only) into the corresponding product below and complete the order in our Forest Shop.

    Example: You want to offset 1 ton of CO2.
    → with the option REFORESTATION you have to reforest 41,3 m2 for CHF 64.84
    → with the option FOREST CONSERVATION you have to protect 46,6 m2 of existing forest for CHF 48.93
    → with the option MIX you have to finance 43,8 m2 (22 m2 reforestation + m2 forest conservation) for CHF 57.38

    Examples of greenhouse gas emissions

    Average greenhouse gas emissions per capita and year (including emissions caused by imported goods abroad, but excluding international air and shipping traffic):

    Switzerland ⇒ 14 t CO2 equivalents (
    Germany ⇒ 9,7 t CO2 equivalents (
    EU-27 ⇒ 8,1 t CO2 equivalents (

    Average greenhouse gas emissions air travel (per person, round trip, economy):

    Short-haul (2,000 km) ⇒ approx. 0,5 t CO2 equivalents
    Medium-haul (6’000 km) ⇒ approx. 1,1 t CO2 equivalents
    Long-haul 1 (12’000 km) ⇒ approx. 2,0 t CO2 equivalents
    Long-haul 2 (20,000 km) ⇒ approx. 3,2 t CO2 equivalents

    Average greenhouse gas emissions car trip (mid-size car, gasoline):

    Distance 100 km ⇒ approx. 0,034 t CO2 equivalents

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