Return with positive impact.

Personal & impactful.

Commitment to sustainability.

El árbol fino - the precious tree.

with Teak

The perfect combination of return, nature conservation and social impact

  • Timber revenue for the investors
  • Nature reserve for the animals
  • CO2 absorption for the climate
  • Jobs for the local population
  • Our promise: “A teak more personal.”

Invest green now


for individuals

Proven multiple impact through tree or forest adoption

  • Acquiring and securing the land
  • Tree planting and forest-saving
  • Committed climate & species conservation
  • Personal certificate
  • Transparent visualization with a map

Plant trees now & protect forest


for business

Protect climate & promote biodiversity – incl. communication support

  • Offsetting CO2 emissions
  • Scientific projects & social commitment
  • Securing the land through own foundation
  • Partner logo, linking, news & facts
  • As a package solution, as a gift, per sales unit or individually

Reforest & protect now as a business


from Ecuador

Responsible production including biodiversity promotion

  • Only own cacao with focus on quality and sustainability
  • Cacao Nacional / Cacao Arriba / Cacao Fino y de Aroma
  • Cacao beans for chocolate companies
  • Old and young cacao trees combined
  • Mixed culture with many banana plants, fruit and other trees

Pre-order organic cocoa beans now


Lived Sustainability

The diverse challenges of our time demand a consistent holistic approach to all activities. We measure our success by the added value we achieve for all stakeholders. In economic terms, this applies both to customers and to us as a company. We are united by our interest in achieving a measurable and verifiable positive impact for nature and local communities. In doing so, we rely on respect, trust, honesty and tangible passion for our projects.

Guaranteed personal, guaranteed impactful.


native trees planted

Forest Conservation

hectares of forest saved from logging

Nature reserve

hectares of protected area established

CO2 compensation

Tons of COequivalents absorbed annually by our natural forest

Fair labor 

local workers employed per year (full and part time across all projects)

Animal welfare 

in some cases severely neglected domestic & farm animals adopted

Fincas Arbofino & Reservas Bosquefino

Our Fincas and Reservas are located in the west of Ecuador between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean in the province of Manabí.

Thanks for all the climbing trees!