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Impact Investment

Together we make an impact! Returns, nature conservation and social commitment – all under one leaf canopy. Diversify your portfolio as a teak tree owner and at the same time promote biodiversity through natural reforestation and secondary forest conservation in Ecuador. Arbofino, as a Swiss-Ecuadorian family business, makes sure that the positive effects can be felt and measured at all times. “A teak more personal.”.

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Reforestation – more urgent than ever! Our projects for CO2 compensation and the specific promotion of biodiversity address two of the most pressing problems of our planet: Climate change and loss of species. Join us as a company (or privately) and plant trees with us, in our very own Arbofino way. Guaranteed personal & guaranteed effective.

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Organic by conviction! Arriba, the Ecuadorian fine flavoured cacao, is cultivated in a mixed culture in order to promote biodiversity: Out of love for the product and for nature. As a buyer you know exactly where the beans come from. You can also visit the cacao plantation at any time. Quality, sustainability and traceability characterize our organic cacao.

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Our four-legged eco tractors

El árbol fino - the precious tree

Where patience becomes bearable