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We want a lot: To offer a successful investment for the tree owners, to generate ecological added value, to be an exemplary employer and, of course, to manage sustainably a prospering company.

But Arbofino is not only about responsible implementation of commercial objectives. Our approach goes much further. The measurable positive impact on biodiversity, the climate and the local population always remains an integral part of all activities. In our very own, personal way.

A promise of return for investors or a guarantee for supporters that the conservation projects will achieve the ambitious goals would be dubious, but we promise you that your successful investment in trees or your supported natural reforestation projects are very important to us personally, just as the local people.

Our business model is based on mutual trust, honesty, authenticity, transparency and reliability. The personal relationship with our customers and business partners therefore means a lot to us. We are already looking forward to our first meeting.

Under other sections, such as “Trust”, you will find helpful and brief explanations of how we implement our philosophy.

Company Structure

Arbofino AG is a pure family business based in Männedorf, Switzerland. It also has two wholly owned subsidiaries in Ecuador. Arbofino Tierra Ecuador SA is the owner of the land and does not carry out any operational activities. Arbofino Ecuador SA is responsible for all operative business in Ecuador and manages the plantations. If necessary, it can commission external third party companies for this purpose.

 In addition, in Ecuador we established the Bosquefino Foundation, which owns the land for our natural reforestation and conservation concept. You can find more information about the foundation in the section “Bosquefino Foundation”.



Dominic Ziegler, founder and CEO:

 “Here I am human, here I am allowed to be!” At the beginning of my professional career, I was involved in building up another young company. In the last few years, I have had the pleasure of establishing my own company. In doing so, I can confidently observe how, after graduating in business administration, topics of my young professional dreams of forestry, biology and environmental sciences have quietly become part of my everyday life.

 My previous experience as managing director of an internationally active environmental foundation as well as my WWF diploma in environmental consulting help me to consistently implement my sustainability claim. My first step into the world of teak was as head of marketing of a current competitor. During that time, I not only gained a comprehensive insight into the industry, but also discovered areas that I wanted to implement in my own way and in my own company. My heart now beats twice for Ecuador, new for the Arbofino projects and for years for my wife’s home country. I am proud that Arbofino is a pure family business, which allows to make the philosophy and conviction tangible at any time.

Dominic: Founder & CEO

My recommendation
Membership in the association Friends of the Galápagos Islands Switzerland – http://www.galapagos-ch.org (board member since 2010)

What I still wanted to say
All you need is Ecuador!
(let yourself be inspired)

My conviction
Core values are not negotiable.


Beatriz: Head of Administration

My recommendation
Visit your trees and combine it with a trip to Ecuador. Insider tips? Anytime with pleasure!

What I wanted to say
What I will never understand with the Swiss: How can you enjoy a meal on the terrace in freezing temperatures!

My conviction
Honesty makes you free.

Leandro: Managing Director Ecuador

My recommendation
You can always do something for our planet. With your help we can achieve even more!

What I wanted to say
Dominic already knew how to get extra points with me: with a new coffee machine for the finca. Viva el Café!

My conviction
How you are inside makes you special, being honest makes you committed.

Javier: Administrator Fincas

My recommendation
Take your time to organize and plan. That is the only way to keep everything under control.

What I wanted to say
Without a nice jersey, football is only half the fun. Thanks Arbofino!

My conviction
With a smile and a lot of intuition you can get further.

Yumar: Supervisor

My recommendation
Stay out of other people’s problems and concentrate on your own affairs.

What I still wanted to say
I am almost a little jealous of the beautiful new tack room of the horses.

My conviction
Providing good service starts with your attitude.

Grismaldo: Supervisor

My recommendation
Do your work conscientiously and value your team, this is the only way to achieve your goals.

What I wanted to say
When someone is hard on you in soccer? Take it and dish it out the same way.

My conviction
Reliability and respect pay off.


Jorge: Supervisor

My recommendation
The more versatile you are, the more important you are for an employer. Stay tuned!

What I still wanted to say
On horseback and dressed up – that’s how you impress the chicas here.

My conviction
One proves one’s abilities by deeds, not by words.


Barbara: CAO – Chief Animal Officer

My recommendation
Do not look away but act when animals are treated badly!

What I still wanted to say
You can rely on Yumar to treat our mules, horses, pigs, chickens and dogs well even when we are not there.

My conviction
Talking is silver, set an example is gold!

Pincho: (horse)

What I still wanted to say
You may load me, but not too heavy and please do not cut my mane anymore. After all I am a pony, not a mule!

Canela: (horse)

What I still wanted to say
I’m sorry that sometimes I just stop and don’t feel like going on. At least I am a good mother.

Cori: (mule)

What I still wanted to say
Luckily, I don’t have to carry at your place as much weight as I used to, but the way to the pasture is a bit exhausting.

Chuleta: (dog)

What I still wanted to say
I like life on the finca much better than on the streets of Quito. Here I am the watchdog boss, nobody passes me unnoticed!

Lili: (dog)

What I still wanted to say
Thanks for taking me in! One day I might learn that I am not allowed to jump up on you. I just love you so much.

Arena: (dog)

What I still wanted to say
When you took me along, I was just skin and bones. Thank you, Chief Animal Officer Barbara!

Lucy: (cat)

What I still wanted to say
I’m glad that I was allowed to stay with you. Just don’t give me too much food, otherwise I won’t catch any more mice.

Chita: (horse)

What I still wanted to say
Thanks for saving me from the butcher! But I don’t find it funny that you derived my name from the word “Chatarra” (=scrap). Fortunately, I could teach you something better.

Gota: (horse)

What I still wanted to say
I am eternally grateful that you bought Chita and me out of pity. You will not regret it!

Pastelito: (mule)

What I still wanted to say
Without me you would have to buy a tractor! But, fortunately, you thank me with this delicious food, which I never got before.

Jimmi: (mule)

What I still wanted to say
I am still a little young, but a very dear one! Only touching my ears I don’t like very much, but I’m getting used to it.

Nina: (dog)

What I still wanted to say
Ok, I am a little bit tiring with my barking. But I am always bored. At least nobody can sneak past me.

Howler monkeys:

What we wanted to say:
Great that we have so much protected forests thanks to you and that you even leave some bananas for us. But it is still fun to wake you up early in the morning with a lot of roaring! 🙂

Board of Directors


Christoph Ziegler (Präsident)

Hotelier, management consultancy, individual and team coaching

“I quickly sensed that my son was not going for the trivial realization of an idealized dream, but rather with the willingness to follow through on his philosophy and values in all consistency. In this intercontinental endeavour I realized how valuable it is to be at home in both cultures. To speak the language fluently is one thing, to understand the cultural values and ways of thinking something else. We are pleased to see that our local employees have not only understood many elements of sustainability but are already applying them. We are also pleased with the impressive growth of the trees. I see my confidence in the project fully confirmed and share the gratifying echoes from our investors with the greatest satisfaction. A piece of nature you can touch is a contemporary gift! If not to yourself, then certainly to your loved ones.

Patrick Müller

Entrepreneur, Chemical Engineer, MBA

CEO, DrM Shanghai Co, Ltd, China & President DrM, Dr. Mueller, Switzerland

“Sustainable living and business are a central concern for me. Both in the company and in private life, we try to have the lowest possible CO2 emissions. Solar panels are installed where it is possible and makes sense. When Dominic told me about his ideas, I immediately felt addressed. I am convinced that this kind of cultivation is a reasonable future strategy. It is a solution that is not only sustainable, but also meets the growing demand for resources. Dominic’s enthusiasm convinced me to invest in the company”.


Dominic Ziegler

Entrepreneur, Business Economist FH, Environmental Consultant (Diploma WWF), MBA Sustainability Management (in study)

Founder and CEO Arbofino

“To me, Arbofino is more than just a company. It’s about passion for the projects, emotions for the country and its people, and the joy of interacting with customers. Like many financial market players, various providers of tangible assets do not always have the best reputation. This is unfortunate for those who are correct and transparent. The important thing is to remain realistic and communicate openly. The potential of trees is undisputed, and we are convinced that one is rewarded for patience. We cannot influence everything, but where we can, we leave nothing to chance”.

Fincas & Locations

Our fincas are located on the coastal side of the Andes, about three hours inland from the sea. From Quito they can be reached by car in about 6.5 hours and from Guayaquil in 3.5 hours. The hilly land of this area is characterized by cattle breeding and small-scale agriculture. The pasture land with its introduced high and strong grass dominates the landscape. Besides ranching, corn, cacao and rice are the most cultivated agricultural products. Particularly valuable for the local biodiversity are the small areas of secondary forest left on the steep slopes of the hills and partly along the creeks and rivers.

Finca Armadillo

The Finca Armadillo has a total area of 103 hectares. 42 hectares were planted with teak and a few small plots with native tree species. Native fine flavored cacao grows on about 15 hectares. The rest of the Finca consists of protected secondary forest (24 ha), natural reforestation (14 ha) and a pasture for our horses and mules.

Meaning Armadillo: The Armadillo is the mostly nocturnal armored mammal, which can be found in the region and also on the Finca.

Finca Guatusa

On the 40-hectare Finca Guatusa, 25 hectares were planted with teak. The rest of the finca consists of valuable secondary forest, a small country house for the local rural family and a pasture of almost 2 hectares for their animals.

The Finca Guatusa, which is within sight distance from the Finca Armadillo, is surrounded on three sides by beautiful streams.

Finca Perezosa

The Finca Perezosa is 41 hectares in size and adjacent to the Finca Armadillo, just separated by a stream. Besides 26 hectares of teak, the finca consists of 3 hectares of cacao, 8 hectares of secondary forest and 2 hectares of natural reforestation. On the western side it borders on the Estero Santiago, a larger creek with a thunderous 10 m high waterfall, right at the height of the Finca Perezosa farmhouse.

Meaning Perezosa: The Perezoso (female Perezosa) is the Spanish name for the well camouflaged sloths found in Central and South America, from which the three-fingered sloth can also be found on the Finca Perezosa.


Finca Tortuga

Arbofino’s newest finca is the 152-hectare Finca Tortuga, which was purchased in 2020 and borders on the river Río Daule. Due to the flatter topography, this finca was almost completely used for cattle farming, which is why, apart from a narrow belt along the river, there is hardly any secondary forest left. The remaining 17 hectares of secondary forest on the riverbank are now part of our protected area. In addition, another 19 hectares of natural forest will be reforested in the coming rainy season, part of it to enlarge the conservation zone along the river and part as biodiversity corridors within the teak plantation. Thus, despite the ideal topography for commercial projects, 25% of the area on this finca will also be designated as nature conservation zone.

Meaning Tortuga: The name Tortuga refers to the freshwater turtle still found in the adjacent Río Daule.

Fincas location



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