Reforestation & Forest Conservation projects

What we do

Reforestation of natural forest

Where once there was forest, new forest should be created again! We guarantee impactful reforestation: professional, scientifically accompanied and adapted to local conditions.

Conservation of existing forest

The pressure on the few remaining forests is continuously high. The first priority is to protect these forests from deforestation as they are particularly valuable for biodiversity and the climate.

Project area

The Pacific Equatorial Forests west of the Andes consist of climatically diverse forest areas that are among the most endangered tropical forests in the world. Just this global biodiversity hotspot is one of the most degraded habitats in Ecuador due to human activities. Of the original forests only 2% remain.

The sparsely populated lowlands were given by the government in the 1930s to those who claimed them in order to promote cattle farming. The aggressive, invasive African grass Saboya (Panicum Maximum) was planted to establish the pastureland.

Our project area is tropical moist forest. The original moist forests are now largely a scattered chain of remnant forest islands. In many areas this is secondary forest, which is nevertheless of immense importance for the climate and biodiversity.


We focus on two of the most pressing problems facing our planet: biodiversity loss and climate change. In the process, valuable nature reserves are created thanks to the support of companies and private individuals. Arbofino’s holistic approach ensures multiple positive impacts.

Our approach

For several years we have been reforesting and protecting natural forests in Ecuador – out of passion and with a lot of personal commitment. It is particularly important to us that we achieve a positive effect on several levels.

Our project goals: measurable and verifiable


Reconnect fragmented forest patches through reforestation.


Promote regional biodiversity hotspots.


Counteract climate change by sequestering CO2.


Collect and share scientific data.


Involve and raise awareness among local people, especially children.


All projects are transparently identified on maps and can be accessed on site at any time.


Protecting and promoting biodiversity is at the heart of our projects. The decline in global biodiversity is dramatic. A loss of biodiversity has not only ecological but also social and economic consequences. The performance of ecosystems and their ability to adapt to changes in environmental conditions depend to a large extent on the state of biodiversity.

We want to counter climate change with a solution that has multiple positive effects. The consequences of global warming are already massive and diverse. Forests play a central role in the global climate as carbon reservoirs and through their influence on the water balance of the atmosphere. Young forests remove a lot of additional CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into plant biomass.

We want to research the effectiveness and impacts of reforestation and forest conservation through scientific studies. Planting trees is done quickly. The challenge is to measure the change, analyze the results, and make the projects even more effective. Strategic partnerships and a willingness to continuously improve, are an important prerequisite.

We maintain a personal exchange with the local population, promote an understanding of sustainability and guarantee fair jobs. Special events and awareness-raising projects, especially for children, are important elements in this. Furthermore, through our partnerships, we enable students to gain experience and implement scientific studies during their university education and in form of internships.

Holism – it should be particularly effective!

We want to achieve a positive impact on different levels:


⇒ Professional natural reforestation incl. perennial care of the young trees


⇒ Forest protection for the preservation of existing, valuable forests


⇒ Purchase and safeguarding of the land through our Bosquefino Foundation


⇒ Long-term surveillance of the protected areas


⇒ Scientific projects with universities


⇒ Social projects with the local population


⇒ Fair work and family environment


⇒ Visiting the projects in Ecuador – Bienvenidos!

Through various monitoring activities and measurements, in collaboration with universities and scientists, the different impacts are analyzed over a long period of time and a continuous improvement process is ensured. The aim is to create the most valuable forest possible!

These new nature reserves are not subject to commercial use and are secured for the long term by our non-profit Bosquefino Foundation. Local guards protect the reserves from poachers and deforestation.

The Arbofino reforestation concept at a glance…

(If you simply want to support our natural reforestation or social projects in the form of a donation, you are welcome to do so through our non-profit association Bosquefino:

For Business

Do you want to make as a business a valuable contribution to climate and species protection out of conviction? As •Climate & Biodiversity• Partner of Arbofino, you can ensure a particularly positive impact. Thanks to our communication support, you can communicate your commitment to your stakeholders in an interesting and emotional way.

Planting trees and protecting existing forests are of great importance for biodiversity and climate. But not only the absorption of large amounts of CO2 or the new habitat for plants and animals are important. All additional ecological and social benefits also generate an important contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Get involved with your business and make a positive change!

Why Arbofino?


Measurable and verifiable on site at any time - Bienvenidos!


Personal connection with the project site.


Passion for conservation.


Holistic approach that has a long-term effect on several levels.


Guaranteed personal, guaranteed impactful.

Communication Support

Reporting about good deeds serves the project as well as your business. We support you in giving your stakeholders an authentic impression of your commitment to climate and species protection. We want to arouse emotions and at the same time show the measurable impact of the projects!

The scope of the communication support is based on your commitment:

  • Certificate for your business (indicating the number of trees, protected area and CO2 compensation)
  • Map with the reforestation plot or the forest conservation area
  • Project description
  • Picture material
  • Partner logo •Climate & Biodiversity•
  • Logo on our partner page
  • Partner flyer for end consumers
  • Updates on the project
  • Post in social media
  • Mention in Arbofino newsletter
  • Presentation about the project

We are also open to individual solutions. From additional presentations or casual talks at aperitifs, to personalized videos directly from the project site, to business or customer trips to Ecuador, anything is possible. We are also happy to create a product page for you in our Forest Shop with your corporate branding. This way you can motivate your customers to reforest together with you!


Reforestation or protecting existing forest, both are important! Through reforestation we want to reunite remaining forest patches to extensive forest areas. However, professional natural reforestation is time-consuming and expensive in the first years. In order to use the financial means as effectively as possible, we adapt each project to the local conditions. On pure grassland, we plant 1,200 seedlings per hectare in a reforestation project.

Whether you are a business or a private individual, there are many ways to get involved:


Patronage of an entire project (individual solution)


Forest conservation or reforestation packages with clearly designated plots


Sponsorship trees/area for each product, product unit or service sold


Gift trees/area for friends, customers or employees

This commitment will provide the project funding over a 20-year period. Through our holistic approach, the funding includes besides the land purchase through our non-profit foundation Bosquefino, the implementation of the nature conservation project and the long-term monitoring also contributions to scientific and social projects.


Maximum impact with a reforestation or forest conservation package with a personalized plot for your business! You can select the preferred package directly in the online calculator. You will also see how much CO2 you can offset over 20 years, the communication support we offer and the corresponding price.

Calculate online & request a quote

Offset CO2 by m2 area or ton of CO2e

If you want to finance a certain area of nature reserve to offset your CO2 emissions, you can select the number of m2 of reforestation, forest conservation or a combination directly in our forest shop. In the details of the product you can see how much CO2 per m2 you are offsetting.

Or would you like to offset a certain number of tons of CO2? You can also choose whether you want to do this with reforestation, forest conservation or a combination and directly enter the number of tons of CO2. In the details you can see which area this corresponds to.

If you first want to calculate how much area you need for a certain amount of CO2 or what amount of CO2 a certain area corresponds to, you can easily do this in our CO2 area calculator.

After the purchase, you will receive an electronic certificate that lists the number of tons of CO2e and the corresponding area. 

Tree and Forest Adoption

A meaningful gift for friends, customers or employees for anniversaries, birthdays or other festive occasions hits the nerve of the time. All the more so when, thanks to our holistic approach, a particularly high impact is achieved.

Each recipient of such a gift receives:


Personalized certificate with number of trees, total area and CO2 compensation


Map with the marked reforestation or forest plot


Short project description

You can order the sponsorship directly in our Forest Shop.

Are you planning a more extensive gift campaign for several people? In this case we would be pleased to hear from you. In addition to an adapted price structure, we can also offer you extended communication support, depending on the scope of the planned action.

CO2 Offset Calculator

Offset with multiple impact! Do you want to offset a certain amount of CO2 and at the same time promote biodiversity and support scientific and social projects? With our offset calculator you can choose your preferred number of square meters based on the options reforestation, forest conservation or mix and offset immediately via our Forest Shop.

CO2 calculation: The forest types still present in our area are very diverse. Only a few places are almost untouched. In most forests, all larger trees have been removed over the years or the forests have grown back naturally in recent years after being completely cleared. These often very young forests continue to absorb large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere over a long period of time. Based on an external analysis, we understand that the forests in our area absorb about 12 tons of CO2 equivalents per year during the first 50 years. At about 50 years, the forests approach natural equilibrium. In the process, they sequester about the same amount of new carbon as they lose through natural processes. The function of old-growth forests as existing carbon reservoirs is extremely important.

Bosquefino Foundation

Although Arbofino AG also protects on its own land all remaining natural forests and reforests former pasture land partly with natural forest, it was important to us that all natural reforestation and forest conservation projects, which are part of this pure conservation concept, take place on neutral land. By establishing the non-profit Bosquefino Foundation, which acquires the properties, the land is safeguarded and thus protected from any commercial interests in the long term. All Bosquefino areas are designated as nature reserves.

Besides species and climate protection, the foundation’s purpose also includes social projects to support the local population and raise awareness of environmental issues. Arbofino ensures that all projects are implemented professionally and transparently through the foundation. In doing so, we can count on a well-established team in Ecuador. Our close family ties with the country, several years of experience with reforestation projects and the close collaboration with universities are important factors in fulfilling the foundation’s purpose.


Reserva Ceiba

The Reserva Ceiba is the first property purchased in 2020 for pure conservation projects belonging to the Bosquefino Foundation. This nature reserve is located right next to Arbofino’s Finca Perezosa. The 31 hectare land is ideal as conservation area due to its rather steep topography. Almost 11 hectares of it is secondary forest, most of which has been preserved in the form of narrow strips along the streams. This forest has a particularly important protective function for the various springs. The remaining area was reforested between 2020 and 2022 with numerous different native tree species. In one corner many fruit trees were planted which serve as an additional food source for wildlife. In addition, in collaboration with the Crowther Lab of ETH Zürich, several scientific plots where established in 2022 in oder to compare natural regeneration with active reforestation.

Meaning Ceiba: The name Ceiba comes from the kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra). With growth heights of up to 75 m, it is one of the highest growing trees in the tropical rainforest and moist forest.

Reserva Caracoli

The first two plots of the Reserva Caracolí, with a total area of 20 hectares, were acquired by the Bosquefino Foundation in 2023. This hilly land, is ideal as a nature reserve due to its remote location and steep topography. Even though this area is only 3 km linear distance away from Reserva Ceiba, it is only accessible on foot or by mule during the rainy season. The area of Reserva Caracolí is characterized by its small-scale farming structures. In addition to the dominating cattle pastures, in the past mainly cacao, mandarins and other fruit trees were planted on small areas. Most of the remaining natural forests are valuable secondary forests. However, here and there on steep slopes one can still find surprisingly untouched forest fragments with old trees. In such a forest fragment on a neighboring property, for which sales negotiations are currently taking place, the Arbofino team discovered an impressive, old Caracolí tree, which was the inspiration for the name.


Meaning Caracolí: The Caracolí tree (Anacardium excelsum) is a wild form of the cashew tree we know. It can grow over 40 m high and has a round, cylindrical trunk.

Reservas Bosquefino location

Partner •Climate & Biodiversity•

Protecting the climate and promoting biodiversity are more urgent than ever. We thank our •Climate & Biodiversity• Partners, for whom an impact on multiple levels is equally important. Together, we reforest, conserve existing forests and enable scientific as well as social projects in Ecuador.

The more we are, the more positive impact. Muchas gracias!


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