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Endless expanses of tropical moist forest – these times are long gone in the Ecuadorian coastal region west of the Andes. Due to agriculture and forestry, the original forests were largely cleared long ago. A considerable part was converted into pasture land, on which the invasive African grass Saboya (Panicum Maximum) was mostly used.

Especially in the hilly regions, however, small pieces of secondary forest can still be found on the slopes and along the streams. Arbofino would like to create new nature reserves with the support of companies and private individuals through targeted natural reforestation. Our holistic approach ensures a long-term, measurable effect for the benefit of fauna, flora and people.

The following goals are in the foreground:


Reconnect fragmented secondary forests through reforestation.


Promote Biodiversity-Hotspots.


Counteract climate change by binding CO2.


Involve and sensitize the local population, especially children.

Through various monitoring activities and measurements, the various effects are analyzed over a long period of time, in collaboration with universities and scientists. You will find more about this in the following chapters. Our goal is a continuous improvement process to create a forest that is as valuable as possible for nature.

These new nature reserves are not subject to commercial use. The land belongs to the non-profit Bosquefino Foundation that we established. Local guards ensure through their presence and control that the wild animals do not fall victim to poachers.

(If you simply want to support our natural reforestation or social projects in the form of a donation, you are welcome to do so through the non-profit Bosquefino Association: www.bosquefino.org)

Company Packages

Offset CO2 emissions with Arbofino, while promoting biodiversity: Personal & effective.

We offer your company different package options. We believe that it is not only great to do good, but also to report about it. This way, we can support your company in communication in a targeted way, so that you can transparently show your stakeholders what effect the supported projects have. We want to convey emotions! Minimum area is 0.25 hectares, no limits upwards.

For each package, your company can choose whether it should consist of a pure reforestation area (PUR) or a mixed area with a share of 50% secondary forest (MIX). Pure reforestation is of course more costly, but the commitment as a company is especially high, because you plant even more trees and, therefore, create even more new forest! The mixed area has the advantage that it already absorbs more CO2 because of the existing secondary forest. But also the newly planted areas increase their capacity to absorb CO2 every year.

    On one hectare of reforestation area 1’200 seedlings will be planted. However, it is very important that our holistic approach does not only involve planting trees. Your commitment as a company includes not only the purchase and planting of the seedlings, but also the acquisition of land through the non-profit Bosquefino Foundation, professional care of the reforestation, monitoring of the nature reserve, and contributions to scientific and social projects over a period of three years.

    1 Each plot of land is clearly assigned to the respective company based on GPS data.

    2 For newsletter, blog, annual report etc., about 500 characters excl. spaces (corresponds to ½ A4 page). If desired, also with a short pre-briefing.

    3 E.g. for an internal or external company event within the 3-year term. Time/location freely selectable. Free of charge within Switzerland.

    Calculate online & request an offer

    What do I finance as a company:


    Purchase of land


    Seedlings and products for natural reforestation


    Land preparation and planting


    Care of the young trees during the first years


    Maintenance of the infrastructure of the protected area


    Supervision and monitoring of the nature reserves by guards


    Contribution to scientific projects with university


    Contribution to social projects with rural population

    Advantages for me as a company:


    Reduction of the CO2-footprint


    Annual information for internal & external communication: tree growth, interesting facts, pictures from the project area


    Support in communication


    Karte mit Kennzeichnung der finanzierten Parzelle durch GPS-Punkte


    Permanent possibility for employees, customers or partners to visit the project


    Secured project through purchase of land by our non-profit foundation


    Long-term monitored and professionally managed project

    Benefits for nature and people:


    Creating a new nature reserve


    Save remaining secondary forests


    Promoting biodiversity


    Counteracting climate change


    Positively influencing the microclimate


    Protecting soils from erosion


    Creating jobs for the rural population


    Sensitizing children and adults on site

    Do you want additional support? E.g. several times a year contributions to your communication, additional presentations, a special reception with a presentation, personalized videos directly from the project location or even a company or customer trip to Ecuador? We are open for everything. Contact us and together we will see what we can implement.

    Tree Sponsorship

    Tree sponsorship as a gift for customers, employees or friends

    Are you looking for a meaningful Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift for your employees, customers or friends? At Arbofino, you can sponsor as many trees as you like in our reforestation projects on behalf of the presentees and hand them over a personalized tree sponsorship certificate.

    But at Arbofino these are not just trees! In addition to the planting of the seedlings, such a tree sponsorship also includes the purchase of land through the non-profit Bosquefino Foundation, the care of the young trees, the monitoring of the protected area and contributions to scientific and social projects over a period of three years. This way, the recipients can look forward to a particularly effective gift. They are also free to visit the projects in Ecuador at any time. Bienvenidos!

    For every tree sponsorship you receive:

    • Personalized certificate for presentees
    • Map with the marked reforestation plot
    • Writing with information about the project

    The price for a tree sponsorship depends on how many people you would like to give such a gift. A sponsorship is possible for 2, 5 or 10 trees. If you would like to extend your sponsorship to even more trees, kindly contact us.

    With every sponsorship for 5 trees you enable:


    Purchasing and protecting of 41,65 m2 land by the non-profit Bosquefino Foundation


    Planting and nurturing of the young trees


    Storage of 65 kg CO2-equivalents in the first three years of growth


    Monitoring of the nature reserves


    Scientific projects on CO2-absorption and biodiversity


    Social projects with the local population

    Would you like to combine your gift with a personal talk about our projects? Or can we support you in any other way? Do you have another creative idea how you would like to design such a gift? Contact us to find a suitable solution together.

    Focus CO2

    Forests are among the most important CO2 sinks on our planet. Through plant photosynthesis, carbon dioxide (CO2) is converted into biomass and oxygen is released. A reduction of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is the result. Reforestation projects are thus a central measure for achieving climate goals.

    The absorption of CO2 is significantly higher in older forests than in young forests. It is therefore all the more important that everything is done first to protect the remaining forests from deforestation. At the same time, former forest areas must be reforested.

    To calculate the carbon storage capacity of tropical moist forests, Arbofino has commissioned an evaluation based on existing studies and experience of forest experts. The calculations were made for a period of 50 years, starting with the reforestation using various native tree species. By converting the stored carbon (C) into CO2 equivalents ( CO2e), companies as well as private persons know how much CO2 they compensate by financing the reforestation projects over a certain period of time.

    Through the cooperation with the Technical University of Guayaquil, the carbon storage capacity of our own natural reforestations shall be measured in the long term in order to supplement the currently still limited studies available with own empirical data.

    Here is a comparison of how many CO2 equivalents ( CO2e) per person are emitted per kilometer by car or plane (average values):

    Would you like to know how much CO2 is stored in our reforestation projects in the first three years? You can find our online calculator under company packages. There you can choose between the options pure natural reforestation (PUR) or a mix of 50% natural reforestation + 50% secondary forest (MIX).

    Focus Biodiversity

    Not only is the climate in a severe condition, but biodiversity is also declining at a rapid pace. The last report of the World Biodiversity Council made it clear once again: The global state of nature is alarming! The Biodiversity Convention wanted to significantly reduce the loss of biodiversity by 2020, but these goals cannot be achieved. On the contrary, mass extinction is in full swing. Climate change and intensive land use are the main drivers.

    It is therefore all the more important that forests are not only reforested with the goal of CO2 absorption. The simultaneous promotion of biodiversity must also be a central objective. Only a forest that contributes to local biodiversity is a truly valuable forest. A long-term biodiversity monitoring in cooperation with the Technical University of Guayaquil will record the current state and changes over the next decades contributing to the continuous improvement of the reforestation projects.

    Based on our monitoring of the fincas, including numerous photo traps, we have already been able to capture many exciting moments and animal surprises.

    Bosquefino Foundation

    Although Arbofino AG already protects secondary forests and reforests unused pasture land on its own properties, it was important to us that all reforestation projects that form part of this reforestation concept take place on neutral land. By establishing the non-profit Bosquefino Foundation, which acquires the land, the land is secured and thus protected in the long-term from any commercial interests. The foundation’s purpose also includes social projects to support the local population and raise awareness of environmental issues.

    Arbofino ensures that the foundation’s projects are implemented professionally and transparently. We can count on a well-trained team in Ecuador for this. Our close family ties with the country and many years of experience with reforestation projects in Ecuador are an important factor in fulfilling the foundation’s purpose.